Ch.13 – A New Century Begins

Anglican Church Glen Innes

1958 marked the Centenary Year of Holy Trinity. Celebrations were held during November of that year with special services, a festival and a Centenary Dinner at the Glen Innes Town Hall.  A rose garden with 160 roses, donated by parishioners was planted   as a Garden of Remembrance where the church tennis courts had been on the southern part of church grounds. The Garden still remains a feature in 2008.  In 1961 the Rev. Charles Marrett was curate at Glen Innes followed by the Rev. John Lane and his wife and family.

In 1968 Mr J. Irwin erected a Memorial Gate at the south western corner of the church grounds, in memory of his wife. Also in the same year a framed picture, in memory of Frank and Olga Simes’ daughter, Anne, was hung in the Church.