Ch.16 – The Rev. Lindsay Newby

Anglican Church Glen Innes

The Venerable Archdeacon Seymour and the Bishop of Armidale looked after Parish affairs until the Rev. Lindsay Newby and his wife Wendy and family arrived to take over the Parish with his induction held on 2nd July 1982.

During 1982, in memory of Mrs M Turnbull kneeling cushions were donated to the Church.  Bookshelves in memory of Mr Cedric White were received from his family in 1983 and these were placed at the back of the Church.   In April 1984 Andrew Kearney who had been a server in Holy Trinity was remembered by his family with the dedication of crosses with ribbons to be used by servers. A bookcase at the entrance of the Church was also given in his memory.

Under the Rev. Lindsay Newby’s guidance Parish members were asked to visit Anglican families to record family details so that the needy in the community could be referred back to the Vicar.  He introduced visual aids to the 9:30am Service and suggested identity badges.

Early in 1984 a new Curate, David Weidemann with his wife Trudy came to the Parish.

In April 1985 two seats, donated by Mrs M Donnelly and Mrs T. Priest, were placed outside the main entrance of Holy Trinity.  These have proved convenient for many of our senior members.

While visiting London years previously, the Rev. Lindsay and Mrs Wendy Newby were impressed and inspired by floral displays depicting biblical scenes in the churches. This led to the initial presentation of the “Gospel in Flowers” at Holy Trinity in 1985. The display created a variety of floral arrangements portraying the life and teachings of Christ.  Supported by an enthusiastic band of Anglican Church Women’s Guild Ladies, some twenty in number, and other members of the Parish including some men, the display was admired and appreciated by a constant flow of people from Glen Innes and beyond. President Myra Hutton explained that the presentation was in the form of a walk through the Church commencing with the birth of Christ, proceeding from arrangement to arrangement to the Resurrection and Ascension.

The Gospel in Flowers has continued through the years and is a feature of the Annual Fete held on the last weekend in October.  Such creativity never fails to inspire.

In 1985 the flower stands used in the Church were dedicated to the memory of Kathleen Pearce.  The Rev. Lindsay Newby held the first Mission in the Parish in 1985 with Rt. Rev. Bishop Ralph Wicks of Brisbane attending.

Repairs to the Vicarage were badly needed and the proposition of selling the Vicarage rather than paying for the cost of repair was raised.  If this had come to pass, a new Vicarage was to be built on the present site of the Curatage. Discussion ensued during the year but the plan to sell was finally dismissed and a Vicarage Restoration fund set up in 1987.

In January of that year the Rev. David Weidemann and family left Glen Innes.

A St. James Bible for the lectern was donated as a memorial for the late Dick Ford who had served Parish Council with distinction.

A Harvest Festival was celebrated for the first time for many years. The produce displayed was distributed amongst the needy of the Parish.  The Trinity Singers under the baton of Lyn Meehan added a lovely dimension to services.

A short course in Christian living, ‘Cursillo’, was offered and more than forty members have had the pleasure of a special spiritual and stimulating experience. The course remains very active in the Diocese and Australia in 2008.

At the end of 1987, the Rev. Canon Terence Wenham from Welwyn, England wrote asking for an exchange of parishes between Welwyn and Glen Innes for a period of six weeks from September to early November 1988.  Canon Wenham had family connections with the Bloxsomes, a local pioneering family, so the exchange was most appropriately arranged.  The Rev. Lindsay Newby and the Rev. Cannon Wenham exchanged details of their Parishes when they met en route in Singapore.

One addition to the Church grounds at this time was the planting of a golden ash donated by Mr Frank Simes, providing a colourful picture.  A free distribution of ‘Good News’ Bibles by Church members occurred as part of Australia’s bicentennial celebrations.

In 1988 Mrs V. Seward made a bequest of a Sanctuary lamp with an ongoing supply of oil.

On February 12 1989 the Rev. Lindsay Newby and his family bade farewell to take up an appointment at Moree.