Garden Tour 2012




This year, the four gardens featured were;

“Windemere” 58 Cramsie Crescent
A & K Kent
A  breathtakingly beautiful English style garden set on three acres featuring cool climate exotic trees, lake, waterfall and a small stream built from local granite. Perennial garden beds add colour, escallonia and box hedges add structure while espalier fruit trees screen the vegetable garden.  Take plenty of time to enjoy this exceptional garden.

“Lakeside”  303 Shannon Vale Road
Owners: D & L Meehan
The tree lined drive, leads to a large picturesque country garden, with stunning views over the Beardy Weir.  Highlights include a rainforest walk, woodland of mature oak, cypress and native trees, sweeping lawns, perennial garden beds and new plantings of native shrubs to encourage birdlife.
Light Lunch and Plant Sales available.

41 Glen Legh Road
Owners: B & J Pendergast
The front garden is a wonderland of gourd art works and fascinating focal points, intermingled with perennial garden beds and shaded by mature claret ash trees.  Two acres of parkland garden at the back display many mature specimen trees including pink horse chestnut, pistachio and Chinese poplars.   Several vintage Holden cars and tractors will also be on display.
BBQ Lunch and Plant Sales available.

41 & 43 Lewis St
Owners: J. Ryan & R. McDonnell
Two delightful cottage gardens featuring an abundance of spring flowering cool climate plants, including  Daphne, magnolias, camellias, hydrangeas,  weeping maple, princess lilies and roses.  The gardens are full of colour and exhibit the wonderful beauty of gardening in cool climates.
Morning Tea Available

There is a $5 entry fee per garden ($15 for all gardens), and children under 16 are free.

All proceeds are donated to the church.

For more information download the brochure, either in colour, or Black and White (With a map and directions).


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